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Why do we love reading?

Summer – time of holidays and idleness. Someone goes on a journey by boat, others spend time on the beach. You may prefer to relax in a secluded country house on a purely mow the lawn in a rocking chair. Anyway, summer is a great time to read for pleasure. Put away serious classical literature. Not going to read books on professional profile. Let's take a break. What to read this summer? Something light, simple, small volume. The stories that you will spend a couple of days. Ideal for the genre ironic detective or light romance. Adventure will not leave indifferent neither a teenager or elderly person. Modern fantasy also has the full right to exist in the summer. In schools for the summer holidays recommend specific lists of literary works. And preferably to stick to it, even if it is a classic in four volumes, which we offered to postpone above. The students will be useful to relax the brain, and prepare for the future academic year. And should be read with a pencil, making notes in a diary to read, and bookmarks. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Sapiente voluptatem distinctio neque, a, id debitis tenetur aspernatur? Natus, voluptate alias.

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